Unexpected stop in Oklahoma

The plane lands at the closest airport to Oklahoma, despite not being the destination chosen. San Francisco is still three and a half hours away… In the aisle an extra extra large man, and the default flight attendant, is in charge of serving glasses of water and salted crackers to the passengers. They do not seem very angry, rather reigning in calmness.

“What happened?” A girl starts up.

“A problem with the air pressure when we were flying over Texas, and I don’t know what about the bathrooms. I was half asleep.”

“Me too. I thought we had arrived in San Francisco.”

Some passengers get up and go to the giant man to ask for sandwiches.

“I don’t know what has happened! Now we’ll have to wait for them to give us information from the cockpit!” The big man points out while the rest scarf down his snacks.

One of the girls takes out a coloring book from her bag. And a pencil case with soft tone colors.

“I like painting. It relaxes me,” she points out.

“Yeah, it’s great,” the other points out.

“Would you write something for me there?”

“I don’t know.”

“Something that describes you. A phrase. Something.”

“Do you mind if it’s in Spanish instead of English?

“Not at all.”

The girl takes out a brown color pencil and writes “Take risks.”

“Have you ‘taken’ many risks in your life?” Says the girl forcing a Spanish accent when she tries not to speak English.

“I am a little embarrassed. The other passengers can hear us talking. But let’s just say yes.”

“You wouldn’t be traveling to california in an over 24 hr trip if you hadn’t.”


The girl laughs. Not trying to be rude, but because of the giggle worthy effect of an American speaking spanish.

“Passengers we are going to continue on our flight in 20 minutes”

“I just hope my family does not get unhinged. Today was the Orlando massacre.

“You’re right.”


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